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Whatz the haps - Paleo diet

The Paleo, aka the Stone Age or caveman diet, is an eating plan based on how humans ate during the Paleolithic era. What this means to Tightwad is the no-brainer approach of eating whole foods and not consuming anything processed.  As everyone knows, as a rule, if the food comes in a box, don’t eat it. The Paleo diet is high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low to moderate in carbohydrates. Calorie counting is not encouraged, neither is portion control. This seems achievable.

The diet recommends generous amounts of saturated fats like coconut oil and butter. Beef tallow, lard and duck fat are also good. Olive, avocado and macadamia oils are good fats to use in salads and drizzle over food, but not for cooking.

Suggested animal protein includes red meat, poultry, pork, eggs, organs, wild caught fish and shellfish.

Eat generous amounts of fresh or frozen vegetables cooked or raw and served with fat. Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and yams are also great as a source of non-toxic carbohydrates.

Eat low to moderate amounts of fruit and nuts, particularly fruit low in sugar and high in antioxidants such as berries and nuts high in omega-3, low in omega-6 and low in total polyunsaturated fat like macadamia nuts. Consider cutting fruit if you are trying to lose weight faster.

Eliminate all cereal grains and legumes. Cut all vegetable and hydrogenated oils including margarine. Ditch added sugar, soft drinks, all packaged sweets and juices. Say no to dairy products other than butter and heavy cream. If you cannot eliminate all dairy, consider raw, full-fat and/or fermented products.

Other tips: Eat when you’re hungry and don’t stress if you skip a meal or even two. Do what feels natural. Get enough sleep. Consider supplementing with vitamin D and probiotics. Levels of magnesium, iodine and vitamin K2 should also be optimized.


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