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Nlce list of handy around the house tips

These practical and fun Tightwad tips aren’t life changing… but you never know! Wishing you at least two ah-ha moments, maybe three, during the read through. 
ABC’s Save time and frustration. Place herbs and spice collection in alphabetical order.
Microwave sparkle Clean your microwave by boiling a cup of water in it first - the water condenses on the walls, loosening food and making wiping easier.
Cling film ease Apparently cling film is easier to manipulate if it’s cold. Go figure.
Find a use for crazy polish colour Coordinate keys with funky shades, and the keys look pretty too.
Control your irritation This no-brainer will have you wondering where your head has been. Same as the case of pesky lost keys, nothing gets Tightwad irritated faster than groping around for the TV remote. For some reason it’s always in the kitchen. Same fix: get (and use!) a dedicated basket for your remote controls.
Earring save Secure pantyhose to the end of the vacuum hose with a rubber band and vacuum the search and rescue area.
Double up When cleaning your floors, put clean water in one as usual, and use the second one to drain the gray water into.
Grown up use for baby oil Put a little oil on a clean soft cloth and go to town on your stainless steel appliances. Find a fingerprint! I dare you.
Grown up use for Play-Doh It will grab the big and tiny pieces of that broken wine glass from last night that the broom missed and you can’t see. 
Wet bootz Dry the inside of your shoes much faster with crumpled up balls of newsprint to soak up the moisture, and maybe odour too.
Turbo charge iron time Life is short enough, without trying to get wrinkles and those lame hanger marks out of your shirts. Accelerate ironing time by placing a sheet of aluminum foil directly on the board, underneath the cover to reflect heat upward and make ironing faster and easier.
Lunchbox helper Place an elastic band around a cut apple to keep it from turning brown (maybe your kids will even eat it).
New life for containers Recycle a wipes container to hold plastic bags. Yay! Great to keep in the car for shopping runs so when asked, “Do you want to buy plastic bags with your groceries?” You can smugly state, “No thank you, as a matter of fact, I’ve got some,” and reach behind your shoulder, giving yourself a nice congratulatory pat on the back.
Downsize the boxes of matches All you need them for is the scratchy fire starter thing, and most of them aren’t even waterproof! Tightwad loves this: stash matches in a mason jar and use the rim to hold a piece of sand paper to strike the matches on.
Easy(ier) mornings ahead? Prevent frost from forming on your windshield on cold winter nights by wiping the glass with vinegar.
Get potted The next time you pot a plant, line the pot with a coffee filter so the water can still filter through, without losing any soil.
Make room touch ups a snap Use your paint stir stick to create a palette for each room, with each paint colour labeled and coded.
Sweet smell of trash bin For real! Toss a dryer sheet on the bottom next time before you add your next bag for a fresher smell and quite frankly – let’s face it – a new lease on life.


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