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Gardens are for living in

Gardens offer serenity and important green space to your home, which is essentially the centrepiece of your garden. Here are some Tightwad tips to consider when planning your outdoor space.
Mirror the sky 3D gazers or mirror balls are gorgeous in gardens, but the same effect can be created with a large shallow bowl of water to reflect the sky and give the impression of limitless.
Hardscape, then softscape Get the bones of the space down first, whether it’s a pea gravel area under shade for dining, or a retaining wall, or raised planters, and build the softscape to compliment that.
Mimic nature Plants grow in massings and drifts, overlapping as they merge. Pattern is produced with layers and through the repeated use of a physical characteristic such as form, colour or texture.
Perennials are an important backbone of your garden. As any gardener knows, things can be hum-ho with perennials the first year, and maybe even the second, but by their third year you will be thanking yourself for nurturing them into gorgeous, spreading loveliness. Also extremely handy as a ready to go cut flower garden.
Filigree Typically a word used for a jewellery making technique, Tightwad thinks its spot on to describe the level of plant textural variety that helps elevate any garden.
Manage the colour palette Are you going for a monsoon wedding joyous riot of colour? Or Tightwad’s favourite, a white/off white, chartreuse and subtle plum palette? Don’t do both. Consider the cama├»eu, or a sophisticated monochromatic palette
Go for height Mix herbaceous woody species with height defying perennials and grasses. Utilize planters to add height and create the feeling of enclosure that make garden spaces special and sought after. Remember what you plant that doesn’t die down for the winter will create sculptural vocabulary during the dormant months. 
Create shade Umbrellas, triangular sails, pergolas are a few of the many ways to beat the heat and create a social focal point in your green space.
Make it a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior Have your garden visible from the inside and make the access inviting with potted plants and other sculptural elements.
Aromatic foliage Create an outdoor space that is not only visually, but aromatically memorable. Some fragrant plant ideas: daphne, lavender, roses, ornamental lilies, lilac, gardenia and sweet peas. 


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