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French girl floral

Practice camaïeu: Choose a monochromatic colour palette, working with a range of, for example, all white/off whites, pinks and purples, darks, chartreuses in different hues. This gives a feeling of stillness and uniformity to the composition. Stay with all cool hues, or warm hues, not both. The result will be more balances and calming.

Focus, texture, filigree: Three words to keep in mind as you choose materials and build your arrangement.

Pre-hydrate: Cut stems at an angle to increase surface area and ensure they absorb fresh water for a few hours prior to arranging them.

Seek imperfection: Flaws are charming. Forage elements such as grasses and sculptural branches. Tightwad loves unusual bark and lichen in her arrangements.  

It’s not just about the flowers: Choose your container to scale with the volume of flowers you are working with. The vessel alone should create a statement so that your blooms remain elegant, minimal and foraged, while still appearing sculptural and unique.


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