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Cool cuisinista - spiral slicers

Been out for lunch and ordered a salad recently? Chances are it has gorgeous piles of spiralized beets or zucchini in it. The process of turning veggies and fruit into noodles, spiralizer can help you turn carb-heavy meals into lighter fare. For example using zucchini as a substitute for pasta, or sweet potato as the basis for a pizza instead of dough.

The results are pretty and, despite the fact some would argue its “just another gadget,” Tightwad thinks it’s a handy tool that won’t take up much storage room (who are you kidding? You will use it too much to have to store it) and will promote consumption of healthy foods in your kitchen. A quick search yielded what is supposed to be one of the best spiralizers on the market. It’s by… wait for it… Spiralizer and has a tri-blade system and five attachments. But, certainly more affordable ones are available whilst you weigh your options. 

Zucchini, summer squash, carrots, butternut squash, beets, celery root, cucumbers, parsnips, rutabaga and sweet potatoes can all be successfully spiralized.

Here are some recipes to inspire you and your quest for the ultimate salad, pasta or totally reinvented classic.

Nutrition spiralized Thai salad with peanut sauce

Sunkissed Kitchen spiralized cucumber chicken Waldorf salad  

Inspiralized spiralized potato chive waffles with avocado mash and fried egg

Climbing Grier Mountain Guinness and black bean chili loaded spiralized fries

Kale Me Maybe kale salad with taco-spiced sweet potato and jalapeno vinegarette


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