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5 ways to fund your retirement account

When you think of retirement, do you imagine a lifestyle of comfort and ease, one in which you get to do what you like all day? Do you think of it as a time when you can indulge in your favorite hobbies or travel to see the rest of the world? This is possible if you take the time now to invest in profitable ways to fund your retirement. While, of course, every investment has risks and rewards, you can do quite well if you learn how to invest properly. This means finding the right courses, reading books, following reports, and, perhaps, even learning from a mentor. When it comes to the world of investments, you have innumerable choices. Some interesting ideas you may want to investigate are forex, mutual funds, annuities, real estate, and tax liens. These are all wonderful investment opportunities to create a diversified portfolio.

Invest in the Foreign Exchange Markets The foreign exchange market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world. It's a global and decentralized market for trading currencies. Since it’s decentralized, anyone can invest in it. What's more, investors don’t have to pay a middleman to participate in this financial market. You can make handsome profits by buying and selling currencies in relation to each other. If you would like to learn more about how to do well in the forex market, you will find Best Foreign Currency Investments for 2018 to be a useful resource. It will educate you on how to profit from highly- effective techniques like using a spread or deploying a momentum forex strategy.

Participate in Mutual Funds Although you can certainly make money from trading in individual stocks and bonds and cash alternative's, one of the easiest ways to purchase securities is to buy a mutual fund. Since it’s professionally managed, you don’t have to figure anything out. Financial experts do the heavy lifting for you. Mutual funds are professionally managed investment funds that pool cash from a large number of retail or institutional investors to buy securities. Using an established and publicly stated investment strategy, mutual fund managers buy baskets of stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Capitalize on Annuities An income annuity can be defined as an annuity contract that will start paying out as soon as the policy has been initiated. Once you fund an annuity income, it is immediately annuitized--despite the fact that the various income units may be a mix of fixed or variable investments. Although the amount of the payments will fluctuate over time, you will receive a steady flow of income.

Invest in Real Estate When new investors think of real estate, they often just imagine it as a way of making money by renting residential or commercial property. But this is just one way of making money from real estate. You can also make money by buying low and selling high, as well as by increasing equity.

Pay for Tax Liens Small investors can make money from tax liens by participating in a tax lien auction. What makes this investment so attractive is that your risk is low while your profit opportunity is high. In fact, you can buy a tax lien for as little as $100. This low-entrance fee to participate in this profitable investment option makes it an accessible investment strategy for almost anyone. After you buy a tax lien at an auction by paying the amount of the taxes owed, you now have the right to collect the money you paid together with interest payment from the owner of the property.

Some Closing Advice While you can make profitable investments through all five of these investment vehicles, you may decide to focus on just the few that you find the most interesting. You don't want to spread yourself too thin both in terms of the time it takes to research opportunities and the money it requires to fund your investments. Another thing you may want to keep in mind is to avoid going full out with your initial investments. A good rule of thumb is to only start with 10% of your annual income and then build your retirement funds by reinvesting your profits.


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