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Money saving solar security lights

Before you get overwhelmed with thoughts of solar panels, batteries and all sorts of techie stuff installed all over your roof at home, I am talking about smaller solar lights that you can easily incorporate into your life. These can range from security lights (which in my opinion are the most useful of all solar power lights available), string lights, spotlights and garden lights.
Out of all the variations of solar lights, the solar security light is my all time favorite. These lights have become more and more efficient and useful over the years, now including extra bright LEDs and longer lasting lithium batteries. Some would say solar lighting in general is a subpar alternative to wired lighting which in certain scenarios can be true, however, when it comes to providing an easily affordable added security to your home and surrounding area I believe solar security lights are much useful in many ways than regular wired lighting.
The easiest thing to consider is the installation process, Wiring into your home electrical system is not for everyone. Consider the alternative of having one light fixture that needs 3 days of sunlight to charge initially and then can be mounted anywhere with a simple set of screws or mounting tape and will last for at least a couple years. The downfall used to be that they weren’t as bright as wired lighting. That's not the case anymore, solar lights are now equipped with high efficient led bulbs that produce extremely bright light. There really is no downside of these lights.
Does the area you want to illuminate not get any sunlight? You can find light fixtures that have the solar panels separate from the actual light! What's this mean? It means you can mount the light in your shady backyard and then place the solar panel in a separate location where it can collect sunlight. They usually connect with a simple cord that plugs into each unit, and now you have light where you thought you couldn’t!
These lights can get pricey, but can be affordable, with an entry-level light for around $20USD. I can ensure you that once you have a light that you know will come on every time you walk up to your front door at night for $20 you will never go without again.
Blog Credit: The Solar Advantage


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