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Cool furniture repurposing ideas

Do you have old and unused piece in the house? Perhaps you can’t throw it out due to emotional attachment. Don’t worry! We understand that you want to do something productive with it and add some life to your house at the same time. The perfect solution? Repurpose your furniture. All you need is to be a little creativity. Here are some ideas:
Ladder it up Have a spare small wooden stepladder in your house, taking up storage space? Use any vibrant spray paint to decorate the ladder – bright and splashy, or low key and neutral. When you are finished painting, fix the stepladder on any bare wall in the house. This will function as a display mantel and an instant crowd pleaser.
Front door, or coffee table? I have an amazing idea of turning a front door into a customized coffee table for anywhere in the house. You will be giving your old door a new life. Have your wooden door polished, glue it to four legs and voila! - a coffee table.
Suitcase Have a wooden or any trendy suitcase that is too pretty to use? Clean your suitcase or give it a polish if necessary and put it on a structure with legs like all other dressing tables have. Now you have an antique and a very different dressing or side table – great for storage.
French doors Don’t you just love and adore French doors? They can also be used as tables. Attach the door to legs, and give it a nice finish and get ready to brag.
Chair or drinks holder Have a spare chair in your room that takes up a lot of space and isn’t used? Take out its cushion and drill a hole in it big enough to accommodate your drinks pitcher – ready for your next party.
Wallpaper table Reuse an old damaged table just by covering it with any floral or simple wallpaper. It will look stylish, exquisite and smart.
Bookshelf table You can also turn a built-up wire spindle into a blend bookstand and coffee table.
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