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Score cheaper flights

When paying for food and checked bags, travel with some air of achievement if you can beat the airlines at their own game by scoring a cheaper ticket. How? Well, Tightwad is going to tell you.
Timing is everything Buy at least 21 days in advance… but 57 days in advance would be even better for trips within North America. Internationally, buy in advance 176 days for a flight from North America to Europe, 77 days for the Caribbean, 160 days for Asia, and 144 days for Africa and the Middle East.
Don’t buy on a Friday Tuesdays are better.
Don’t buy close to obviously high volume travel dates The beginning of January is a good time to buy, when sales are down because consumers are at home licking their wounds reviewing their credit card statements from December.
Bundle it Save when you package your travel as one purchase (ie. ticket, hotel and car rental). This was especially true of resort destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii.
If you see a good deal, grab it!


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