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Great meal options for broke college students

We all know going to college isn’t cheap, and if you’re paying for tuition, room and board and your car, you probably don’t have much money left for food. Here are some awesome and fairly healthy options you can make for as little as a few dollars per meal.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich For about $5.97, you can purchase a loaf of bread ($1.99), a jar of peanut butter ($1.99) and a jar of jelly ($1.99). With these supplies, you can make about 10 servings, so you get 10 servings for less than $0.60.
Scrambled Eggs and Toast Purchase a dozen eggs for about $1.99, a loaf of bread for $1.99, and some additional toppings for just another dollar. These supplies can make six servings, at a cost of $0.83 per serving.
Sausage, Peppers and Onions For about $10, you can purchase Italian sausage links ($4), a sweet onion ($1), 2 peppers ($3), garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper ($0.50), and a box of pasta ($1). This will make six servings at a cost per serving only $1.61. Sauté sliced onions, peppers, and garlic with oil, salt, and pepper and add the cooked pasta.
BLT Sandwich Purchase a pound of bacon for $4, a loaf of bread for $1.99, medium tomatoes for $1.60, and a heart of romaine lettuce for just $1.  This will make five servings at about $1.71 per serving.
Tuna Melt For about $6.47, you can buy the supplies needed for four tuna melts: 2 cans of tuna, plus mayonnaise to mix in ($2.48), a loaf of bread ($1.99), four slices of cheese ($0.50), and two medium tomatoes ($1.60). This is about $1.62 per serving.
Fried Rice With 2 or more cups of leftover cooked rice (“free”), ¼ cup of soy sauce ($0.50), minced garlic, sugar, and olive oil ($0.50), an onion ($1), 2 eggs ($0.50), and frozen vegetables ($1.29), you can make six servings for about $.063.
Pancakes with Apples Pancake mix and milk is only $2, and apples are only $2 for this recipe. Follow the directions on your pancake mix box and then add your fruit for pancakes a $0.66 cents a serving.
Pot Roast You can purchase a rump roast for about $10, six potatoes for $2, and a bag of carrots for $2. The cost per serving is just $1.40. Place the roast in a slow cooker for three hours on high, and then add your chopped potatoes and carrots, season and cook for another three hours.
Hummus and Cucumber Crostini A bag of bagel chips for $1.99, a container of hummus for $3, and a cucumber for $1 makes ten servings, at $0.59 a serving.
Oatmeal and Banana Purchase 24 ounces of oats for about $2.99 and some bananas for $2. Simply make the oatmeal and combine with your sliced banana.
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Purchase a loaf of bread ($1.99), sliced cheese ($0.50), 2 cans of stock ($1.99), 1 can of crushed tomatoes ($1), 1 cup of heavy cream ($1), and fresh basil ($1.99). Make grilled cheese as you normally would. Combine the other ingredients in a pot and stir until heated through.
Egg and Bean Burrito A can of black beans ($1), a pack of tortillas ($1.88) and a dozen eggs ($1.99) can come together to make 8 burritos for just $0.61 a serving.
Sticky Rice Two cups of uncooked rice ($1), canned vegetables ($1.19), and soy sauce ($1.99) can be steamed together to create a take-out like meal for about $0.70 a serving.
Ratatouille For an easy version of this gourmet dish, stir fry 2 onions ($2), 3 bell peppers ($4), 2 eggplants ($3), 2 zucchini ($1.50), 4 cloves of garlic ($0.50), 2lbs tomatoes ($4.98), and thyme and basil ($1). Serve with four cups of steamed rice. This makes 10 servings at $1.80 each.
Zucchini Pizza Purchase four large zucchinis ($3), a jar of pizza sauce ($1.50), and two cups of cheese ($2). Slice zucchinis lengthwise and scoop out the insides. Add sauce and bake until zucchini is soft, then top with cheese and cook until cheese is melted.


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