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Does your car need a pit stop?

Everyone who drives knows that cars need regular maintenance. If you are lucky, maybe that will be all you have to do for your car and be able to save your pennies for something more enjoyable than car repairs, such as cute shoes or long-term savings for a special get away. Here are some tips when you do need to give your car some TLC.
Don’t make a decision on price alone If you do, you may be disappointed with the results. When choosing a shop, focus on the quality of the work. If the job isn’t done the right way on round one, round two will cost you more than you saved the first go round. Sites such as give you location specific estimates to get an idea of what you can expect to pay.
Check the fine print Screen for shops who have been certified by a reputable third party so you can compare them to other shops using benchmarks.
Go with your gut Once the research is complete, trust your instinct and go with the shop that you feel the most comfortable with. It’s important to have a reliable shop that will get to know you and your car over time.


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