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Breathe new life into your cucina

It may seem difficult to update the look of a kitchen without investing thousands of dollars in new cabinets, counter tops and flooring. It is true that these expensive features are among the most visible and thus influential features in kitchen décor. However, there are some affordable ways to update the style in your kitchen without emptying your bank account with a complete kitchen renovation. Consider how you can implement some or all of these design ideas to see transformational results on a dime.
Update hardware Budget-minded kitchens may not have knobs and pulls on the cabinets and drawers at all, and older kitchens may have outdated hardware that is no longer stylish. Both of these can detract from the style of the kitchen. You can easily improve the look of your kitchen with a trendy edge when you invest in affordable yet stylish hardware. Think about the new look that you want to achieve with kitchen decor. For example, barn door sliding hardware can give your kitchen a rustic yet upscale look. You can find numerous hardware options online, and installing them is a simple DIY project.
Repaint the trim One of the newest trends in home décor is to use darker colors with trim and moldings. If your home is like most, it has white or beige trim. However, it is increasingly common to use dramatic colors like charcoal gray or even midnight black for trim colors. This is typically offset with a more neutral color on the walls, but you can also use lighter shades of tinted colors to create contrast without forsaking color in your kitchen. This is an affordable project that most can complete in a weekend.
Replace the back splash The back splash is a permanent feature, just as the counters and cabinets are. However, this is among the easier and more affordable features to replace. You could choose to use a pricey option, like travertine tile. However, there are affordable discount tiles available at many local stores. You can also use metallic square tiles, which are simply tacked into place. These are available in trendy colors, such as muted silver and copper. Copper is increasingly being used in homes as a metal finish of choice, but it likely is still several years away from being as popular as brushed nickel or rubbed bronze.
Add new light fixtures Light fixtures have an influential impact on style in a kitchen due to their physical style as well as the type of light that they cast in the room. To achieve improved style, think about your need for both direct lighting for work areas and ambient lighting to set the mood. Under-cabinet lighting can be great for ambient lighting, and you can install affordable rope lights under your cabinets with ease. Recessed lighting can also be used with new pendant lights for additional flair. When you choose these features, pay attention to the finish that you have selected for use with your hardware and other updated features.
You may need to replace your cabinets, counter tops and flooring in your kitchen at some point, but in the meantime breathe life into your kitchen on a budget and extend the life of your more expensive features when you focus on some of these affordable design ideas.


Thomas @ i need money ASAP! said...

These are good ideas. We redid our kitchen ourselves using Ikea cabinets and counter tops. It was surprisingly easy to do. Doing something small like backsplash tile would be even simpler.

JennyMay said...

Absolutely brilliant article :) Thank you for the ideas. We have to renovate our kitchen soon, and this will help me a lot :)

sanayi tipi bulaşık yıkama makinesi said...

Beautiful design

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