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Stock market trading cheap n cheerful

How does a £1000 introductory offer and a £50 reward for your first five introductions sound?  
These offers are – at time of press -  made by a company called Tradefair, which provides one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a profit from stock market movements. Tradefair, one of a growing number of Financial Spread Betting (FSB) specialists, offers a recreational approach to the business of playing the markets.
Ordinarily, investing in stocks or foreign currency markets is a time-consuming and expensive business and only really means anything if you begin with a load of cash in the first place. Tradefair doesn’t work like that.
Rather than actually buying shares, stocks or currencies, Tradefair offers you the chance to bet on the stock’s market movement. If you think the stock is going to rise, back it to do so; if you think it’s going to fall, back it to slide.
For every dollar you put down, you win another for every point that the stock moves in your favour. The down side is that if the price moves the other way you will lose on the same ratio. It is a mechanism that can provide spectacular wins, but it can be expensive if you don’t cash out when things start to go wrong. That added risk makes it compellingly exciting.
Financial spread betting is being pitched somewhere between the online gambling market - casinos, sports betting sites etc. - and the trading floors of the world’s stock and foreign exchange markets.
Because bets are traded rather than actual stocks or currencies there are no dealing fees, brokers or taxes. If you are keen to cut costs, FSB is the way to take your insight to market.
With 3,200+ different market indexes available to wager on, odds on that there will be at least one potential investment area that you know something about. What FSB offers is a recreational concept, closely tied to the business of turning a profit, FSB exists as something that most people will enjoy as an alternative to actually working - some people do make a living from it, but it’s fundamentally a way to have fun.
There are resources both online and in book form to help you refine what you do and get more out of it. Firms like Tradefair and other significant industry players such as, and have invested heavily in high quality software that suggests they intend to be around for a long time to come.


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