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Save on clothes

Finding clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips:
Sign up for store emails Hidden coupons and early discounts, don’t miss them – especially the elusive flash sales. Consider creating an email just for store updates, or organize your inbox to file them in a separate folder so they are easy to keep track of.  
Off-season = good time to shop During off-season, stores have nice flat xx% off on their collections to keep merchandise moving out the door. A win for them, a win for you.  
Avoid the new stuff at the front of the shop It’s there, hidden at the back of the store - the sales rack is definitely worth a few minutes of rummaging through.
Who are you kidding? You already have that! Reacquaint yourself with what’s already in your closet. Chances are you have forgotten some nice pieces in there.
Coupon websites There are a number of coupons available on the Internet. Here is a handy nordstrom promo code!


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