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Save at the farmer's market

Everyone knows that shopping at farmer’s markets is terrific for a number of reasons. Fresh, often local produce, supporting your community and it’s usually more affordable than typical retail.
Here are some tips to help you get the best bang for your veggie bucks:
Plan Be prepared and know what you want to buy. It helps to make a list of meals for the next week (menu plan Monday!!!) and figure out exactly what you need.  If you make a list of dishes, you are going to make in the week – presumably within budget.
Research See what’s available. Maybe you are lucky to have more than one farmer’s market available to you. Shortlist them based on distance, quality and price.
Stick to your budget It’s easy: decide on a budget. Spend on needs, not wants. Go home. Start cooking.
Buying extra = waste Everyone knows how this works.
Coupons There can be found in local papers, or searching online is another great resource. is one coupon site that offers coupons for anything and everything.


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