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Curb the urge to splurge


Facing a possible shopping addiction? Curb your urge to spend with these handy tips:
What is the issue? Understand it If you are a shopping addict, you buy based on want not need. Most of what you buy will quickly lose appeal and not be used for months or even… ever.
Ask yourself Can you live without it? Yes!   
Price drops Yes, this “gotta have it” item will be cheaper in the future. Come back later after you’ve thought about it. You may even forget about it.
Feel your feelings You may be excited with the thrill of the hunt and bagging the latest whatever it is. But that fun factor quickly drops – mostly likely turning into anger at yourself for spending more money on some more stuff you don’t need and can’t afford. Take control and get out of those malls!
Go alternative Find another way to hit that thrill that you get when you shop. Find another way to make yourself happy.
Use coupons and shop sales If you need something, let what coupons you can use guide you through the decision process. A number of online stores offer great discounts and coupon codes such as these: sears promo codes.


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it's ok to splurge on father in laws

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