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Affordable ways to redecorate

Bored with your interior decor? Strapped for cash? There's no cause for alarm. With a little creativity, you can redecorate your home without spending a fortune. Seemingly small, affordable updates can produce dramatic results. The trick, of course, is knowing which changes to make. The possibilities are virtually limitless, but we've handpicked especially worthwhile options for your convenience. 
Add architectural details without the chisel Plain, flat walls leave something to be desired, but it's not like you can carve them up to add texture. A quick, cheap alternative is to use painter's tape to add vertical and horizontal lines across blank expanses. Alternatively, use it to create frames around artwork, furniture and other elements. Molding costs a little more, but it is easy to put up and is also a terrific way to add depth, dimension and visual interest. 
Make curtains out of duvet covers Buy inexpensive duvet covers from someplace like IKEA, and cut them in half to make unique, stylish curtains. Bonus: these curtains will have built-in liners of sorts, so they'll work especially well at blocking out light and creating privacy. 
Bring wicker furniture indoors Sure, wicker furniture is typically used on decks, porches and patios. There's no law that says it can't be taken inside, though. While it's not study enough for everyday use, it's stylish enough to add a burst of flair to a bright, sunny part of the home. It's especially useful for filling in an empty room without draining your bank account. You can usually mix and match different cushions too, so finding matching pieces is a breeze. 
Paint laminate and vinyl floors Have your vinyl or laminate floors seen better days? Completely redoing the flooring is a pricey proposition, so why not paint over them instead? First, clean them thoroughly with trisodium phosphate, available at home improvement stores. Lightly sand the surface to help paint adhere better, and fill in any holes or cracks with caulk. Prime it using standard latex primer then paint it with your favorite color of floor or porch paint. 
Mix things up with area rugs Even if your floors are carpeted, a few strategically placed area rugs can quickly and affordably spruce up the style of any room. Plenty of affordable options are available through online retailers like, or go even cheaper by snapping them up at garage sales and thrift stores. 
Brighten things up Add luster to your home with a few creative touches. For instance, place a variety of candles in an unused fireplace, poke holes in a dark lampshade to create a starry night effect or paint the inside of a lampshade with glitter to make it sparkle and shine. 
Get crafty with remnants Visit your local fabric store from time to time to score gorgeous remnants for a fraction of their usual cost. Use them to cover over old pillows, bland drapes and to boost interior decor in countless other crafty ways.
These simple tips should be more than enough to get you started. Before you know it, your home will look fresh and new, and your bank account won't be any worse for the wear.

Jane Blanchard writes for Modernize.


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