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Eating out: split checks or group cost divide?

Everyone knows that eating out is expensive. It's also perhaps the only way you may see your friends socially in an era when kitchens are small and everyone wants to break bread together. What do you do if you are the caesar salad bread sticks water person and your friends are charcuterie platter roast lamb bottle of fine shiraz people? You don't want to see rude or cheap - that's never fun. But it's certainly unfair for your friends to expect to divide the bill equally at the end of the night. If it's a close split - everyone had wine, everyone had a similar entree - then just divide the bill. The extra $10 it may cost you isn't really worth quibbling over and perhaps next time you'll have the prawns. But if it's obscenely unfair, ask for separate bills upfront and avoid the issue altogether. Thoughts?


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