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Be a pumpkin carving ninja!

Find a heavy pumpkin: the denser, the better.
Don’t fight it: let the shape, physical features and colour of the pumpkin guide your end product.
Kit up: rummage through kitchen drawers for ice cream scoops, melon ballers, citrus zesters, paring knives, cheese graters and vegetable peelers.
Gear up: Wear gloves to prevent cuts.
Wash up: Wash your pumpkin before carving, but consider waiting until you're finished carving before cleaning the interior to provide more structural integrity while carving.  
Mark it up: use a permanent waterproof marker to help map out your masterpiece.
Go 15%, or 100%: You don’t need to cut all the way through; scrape the surface of the pumpkin for contrast.
Don't be too fussy: Sometimes you need to start carving to get into it.
Remember to take pictures for posterity!  


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