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Marbles: don't lose 'em, use 'em

Marbles are pretty. And actually pretty useful. Here are some ideas:

Flower power Add marbles to a clear vase of flowers to add colour and texture to the stems.
Curtain weight Lightweight fabrics can billow, and - unless you like billowing curtains - cut a little slit in the hem of the textile and weigh it down with a marble in each corner of the bottom hems. 
Wildlife attractor The reflection of the sun hitting marbles in a birdbath attracts birds.
Design accessory Fill holes in your fence with marbles; creating a delightful play of colour.
Level Tote a couple of marbles with you when house hunting. A marble will quickly let you know if the floors are level.
Mixer Paint, lotions, anything that needs combining, a couple of marbles will help do the trick. 
Another way to jazz up our friend the mason jar Float candles in a mason jar with marbles. Colourful and pretty. Also in terrariums, aquariums... 
Pie weights Keep piecrusts flat. Simply fill the bottom of the crust with a layer of (clean) marbles and bake according to instructions. Let them cool before removing.
Massage tool Add marbles, Epsom salts and warm water to a foot bath and roll your tootsies over them for an instant spa treatment. 
Geocache item Make the find even more fun by adding marbles to the cache.
Boiling buddy When the water boils, the marble rattles. Good safety measure too, in the event you forget that the kettle is on.
Potted plants Marbles are excellent aerators; add a layer to the base of a pot before putting in soil, providing a place for water to collect so roots don’t get waterlogged.
Educational tool Playing with marbles will help children understand math and quantity, speed and gravity.


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