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Get your terracotta pots summer ready

Terracotta pots offer a pretty and natural home for all kinds of plants and look terrific on a patio. Terracotta is wonderful material for pots because it insulates plant roots against overheating and their porous nature help to keep soil moist and promote healthy plant growth. The white stuff that appears over time on the pot exterior is mineral build up, where calcium and salts get trapped as moisture evaporates. If your seasoned terracotta pots are anything like Tightwad's, they may have been found behind the garden shed in less than presentable condition. It's important that your pots are kept clean and sterilized, not only for looks, but also to keep the absorbed material from being spread to new plants next season and to prevent the spread of fungus or mold that may have developed. 

plastic or steel wool scrubbing brush
baking soda
soft brush

1. Remove all plants and soil from the pot
2. Allow the pot and remaining soil to dry so it's easier to clean
3. Using the scrubber, brush away as much build up as possible
4. Make a paste using baking soda and water and spread on the exterior of the post. Use the soft brush to gently scrub any white build up away. 
5. Rinse the pot and dry completely. 


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