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DIY bird feeder

This is recycling at its best. A great project to teach kids about repurposing, resourcefulness and taking care of our feathered friends.

You need: 
1L or 2 L plastic bottles, cleaned and de-labeled
bird seed
heavy duty craft wire
wooden spoons, two per bottle (easily obtained at thrift shops - even more recycling!)
a nail

What to do: 
1) Pierce one side of the bottle with the nail and cut a 1/2" U-shaped hole on the opposite side, do this twice.
2) Put the handles of the wooden spoons through the larger hole first, to opposite side on both sets of holes, making your perches.
3) Pierce two small holes at the very top of the bottle under the cap rim.
4) Insert a 12" piece of heavy duty craft wire through the holes and tie the ends together as the hanger for the feeder.
5) Fill the bottle with bird seed, and seal with the cap.
6) Hang the bottle and watch what happens!


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