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Throw a DIY pizza party

Everyone loves pizza... especially when it's covered with their favourite toppings. The next time you are hosting, get guests to do the work! Make it fun with sharing too; as one is cooked and the next goes in the oven. Basically it's pretty hard to make an untasty pizza, but here are some nice combos to try:  

sauteed mushrooms, pesto and soft goat cheese
caramelized balsamic onion, brie, fresh pear and thyme
pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut drizzled with 1000 islands dressing
artichoke, olives and spinach
bbq chicken, jalapenos, olives and roasted red peppers, garnished with fresh avocado
fire roasted tomato sauce, mozzarella and arugula (add arugula just before the pizza is fully cooked)
fig, walnut, chevre and rosemary
bacon, with anything

It's best to cook down spinach and sauteed mushrooms so that the moisture is mostly gone and doesn't make the crust soggy.

Don't forget the garlic oil! 


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