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Lunchbox ah-ha

As all parents know, packing lunches can be fairly repetitive and challenging at times. When you take nut allergies into account, it's not easy to make sure there is enough protein in what you send off every morning. Peanut and almond butter are out. Many trail mixes and granola bars are out. Tightwad is always nervous to send off tuna or chicken salad sandwiches - shuddering at the thought lukewarm mayonnaise at lunch. Ugh. But sometimes it takes a little (obvious) thinking outside the (lunch) box. Tightwad realized she is letting her food biases effect the quality of her kids' lunches. For the first time ever she boiled eggs for lunchboxes and put in extra ice packs. The kids love the switch up and Tightwad loves the high quality - and inexpensive - protein.


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