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DIY lawn sprinkler

Water your veggies or provide your kids with hours of fun. 

Requirements: a 2L pop bottle, a hose, duct tape and a water connection. 

1) Remove the label. 
2) Dry the top portion of the bottle and neck so the duct tape adheres. 
3) Use a thumb tack or other sharp implement to make holes in the bottle, evenly distributed over 3/4s of the bottle (leave the bottom side for the grass). 
4) Attach the bottle to the hose and secure the connection with duct tape. Make sure the connection is secure (or the force of the water will push the bottle off the hose when you turn the water on). 

Enjoy being the best mom ever!!!
Note: you could adapt this idea for an outdoor shower - simply suspend hose at above head height and poke the holes in the bottom of the bottle instead for a shower head.


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