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Shop smarts

There are a number tricks shops use to get you to spend more money. Here’s the DL:
Better by comparison A common sales tactic is to introduce a third, mid-range product when you're comparing the high and low end, encouraging shoppers to spend a more for the perceived superior quality of a mid-range product.
Bundled services aren't always the steal they seem. Bundles often include services you don’t need, often at temporary promotional prices. When the promos run out you're stuck paying a premium. Avoid this trap by only subscribing to services you use. Monitor the terms of the promotion and cancel your plan before the terms change.
Buy now or miss out A sense of urgency is also exploited to drive sales. To get the upper hand, comparison shop and use negotiation tactics to your advantage.
Dim lighting can make you appear thinner with the angle of the mirror cleverly positioned to artificially slim your figure. Get a second opinion from a mirror on the sales floor. The lighting there may reveal some previously unseen issues.
Discriminatory pricing is the practice of adjusting prices based on consumer and market behavior to capture customers throughout the day. Use this tactic to your advantage by creating price alerts for specific products with a site like to notify you when prices reach their lowest levels.
In store demos aren't just for your convenience. Consumers who touch products are more likely to buy them than consumers who don't - likely because once consumers touch an item they feel a greater sense of ownership. Window-shopping is your best bet to keep your money in your wallet.
Internet ad stalking Targeted “spam” advertising is a common trick. By tracking your browsing history with cookies, retailers fill ads with the products you've viewed online. Clear your search history and cookies after each browsing session.
Overwhelm the senses In addition to touch, retailers tap into other senses to create a familiar atmosphere and an emotional connection to a particular brand, enticing you to buy and stay loyal. Think the aroma of freshly baked bread, chocolate chip cookies and roasting chickens when you walk into a grocery store. Mmmmmmm.


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