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Save $50 this month, painfree!

What would you do with an extra $50 per month? It may not sound like a lot, but consider the big picture - $600 a year or more in savings - depending on your discipline.
Stay in for dinner This is your best bet for saving your pennies. Why spend $20 on eggs? Breakfast out is just plain cray cray. Find ways to cut back here and there and you’ll notice a chance in your bank balance almost immediately. Make coffee at home to bring to the office! It costs something like $07./cup to make your own instead of buying it out. Outrageous savings!
Revise and edit your cable plan Summer is around the corner… perhaps cut cable completely? There’s always the Internet. If that isn’t going to be an option, negotiation your way into a short term or permanent discount with the competition, or edit out premium channels you don’t watch. If you can’t find any luxury packages to cut, call your provider for any promotions or discounts that may be available for loyal customers.
Can your landline Though a landline may be useful in some circumstances; it’s going the way of the dodo. Keep track of how many calls you get on your landline. Most likely they are unsolicited!
Buy generic Brand name goods, particularly groceries, are pretty much a waste of money. Period.
For most people, saving hundreds – even thousands – a year is entirely possible. Focus on needs, not wants. By getting rid of unnecessary expenses your savings will quickly add up.


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