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Maximize your wardrobe budget

Buy easy to care for Many expensive items are hard - and costly - to care for. To save money on your wardrobe over time, avoid the dry cleaning only label.
Delegate Just as you have clothes suitable for work, have clothes that you wear only for odd jobs around the house – sparing the good stuff from excessive wear and tear.
Embrace your clothesline Improve the life of your clothes by line drying instead of using the dryer and stressing the garment unnecessarily.
Go classic Focusing on the classics means that your wardrobe will stand the test of time. You won’t need to make new purchases as often as a result. Bling up your wardrobe with low-cost accessories and keep the trendy item purchases at a minimum.
Take care of your garments Everything lasts longer if you care for it properly. Follow the care instructions on your clothes; they will last longer and reduce the need to shop.
Go for quality Cheap garments don’t last. Period. Higher-quality clothing last longer with proper care.
Time your shopping Save when you shop off-season; when things that you normally buy are discounted in order to refresh your wardrobe at a low price.


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