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It's nearly Earth Day... what's your plan?

This Earth Day is a great time to consider ways to be a better “greenie” and do our part in safeguarding the beautiful place we call home. Being green also helps save money. Here are some tips:
Bust phantom power Unplug people! Appliances sitting idle are still sucking energy when they are turned off.
Buy recycled ink cartridges – just as good and cheaper too.
Digital couponing Saves ink and paper.
Ditch the paper towels Save trees. Save money. Use cloth alternatives.
DIY cleaning products Use what’s in your pantry – way better for the environment and the health of your family. Vinegar and baking soda are the way to go for common household chores.
Send e-cards Cheaper, paperless and don’t need a stamp.
What’s on tap? Unless absolutely necessary, why do people buy water? It is a shame that we have found a way to commodify a basic human need. Invest in a few decent BPA-free water bottles to have in the car, office and gym bag so you always have one at hand.


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