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Grocery shopping smarts

People! Grocery shopping is expensive. If you don’t diversify where you shop and tailor your purchases to targeted locations, you will pay top dollar for most of what you need. Here are some tips to help you save big and shop smart. 

Have a meal plan. Always.
Shop with a list. Always.
Base most of your meals on rice or beans to cut down meat consumption (and be a good greenie!).
Bring lunch from home (invest in proper containers to amp it up).
Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Many stores offer a small discount per bag.
Buddy shop! Watch for deals on things your friends need and have them do the same for you.
Buy enough of a sale item to last three months - about how long sales take to cycle.
Buy generic.
Cook from scratch – ideally large amounts and freeze the surplus – making digit dialing much less likely on busy nights.
Don’t buy coffee, any drinks or snacks out. Bring healthy snacks and reusable drink bottles. Duh.
Eat less.
Embrace leftovers.
Freeze, can or dehydrate produce.
Grow your own produce. Try vertical gardening if you are pressed for space.
Keep a price book and track prices by unit cost (that’s seriously worth a gold star).
Limit eating out.
Make your own baby food.
Plan meals according to what is on sale.
Shop for produce at a local farm stand or designated fruit and veggies shop.
Stock your pantry with staples. Stockpile when prices are low.
Take advantage of rain checks.
Take advantage of stores that double coupons.

Inspired? Tightwad hopes so. 


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