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Eco and wallet friendly driving tips

Consistent fuel use is hard on the environment and our pocket book. How do you save money and the environment while still getting things done? Here are some eco-friendly driving tips:
Car selection Choose a car – perhaps a hybrid - that is in good repair and offers features that help you save gas. Ask the seller about highway and city mileage. If you are buying a used car, make sure that all the equipment is well tuned and in good repair. Ensure filters are new and the engine is in good shape, which will help keep your gas consumption low.
Before you drive Consider whether the trip can be made without a vehicle – can you walk or cycle? Share a ride with a neighbour? Reducing the amount of times that you drive is a sure fire way to save gas. If you must drive, follow these tips before you turn on that ignition. First, check your tire pressure. Well-inflated tires, at the proper pressure the manufacture advises, will help save a ton of gas. Keep on top of tune-ups. Regular maintenance such as oil changes and filter replacement will help your automobile operate at its peak ability and save gas. Ensure your car is in good repair with no lose parts or other things that will cause drag on the car and costs you fuel economy. Plan your trip and avoid traffic whenever possible. Taking roads that offer the best fuel economy (typically highways or other open roads) and avoiding traffic jams that make you sit still; wasting fuel will help you save a ton of gas. Commuting in off times or working from home if your job allows will keep you off the roads and the worst times and help you save even more gas.
While you are driving Watch your speed. Typically, going over sixty-five miles per hour burns fuel uselessly. Keep a steady speed using cruise control and avoid idling.
Mark Long is passionate about tips that help save gas and the environment with driving lessons and driving schools in Brisbane.


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