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Eat well for less

Buying nutritious food can be expensive. Here are some considerations when trying to nourish your family and stay in the black.  
Be creative Ditch the grocery stores for specialty markets, farm stands and international purveyors.
Be selective There is little need to buy organic bananas, avocados or other items in the clean 15. They have thick enough skins to prevent contamination from pesticides.
Coupon online Enter your zip/postal code and digitally clip coupons for local savings.
Fish for less Everyone knows eating fish is important for protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but fresh fish is expensive. Canned tuna (in water) and frozen salmon are reasonable alternatives.
Go frozen Frozen fruit and veggies are an economical way to get nutrients any season. Produce is flash-frozen at its peak nutrient content and ripeness, so in some cases it’s better for you, too. Opt for generic brands for more savings.
Stay on the outskirts Ignore the interior aisles… that’s not fresh stuff. Packaged foods typically aren't as nutrient-rich due to the processing required for packaging. Buy products in whole form for up to 40% savings.


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