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Easter scavenger hunt ideas

If your Easter morning is anything like Tightwad’s, the eggs are found too quickly and without enough pomp and ceremony. This got Tightwad thinking about ways to prolong the search and perhaps take advantage of her children’s burgeoning vocabularies and reading abilities.

Fun ideas:
Colour code the eggs for each child so they all get the same amount of goodies. To amp up the fun, let the children know there is one egg of a certain colour: gold – with an extra special prize (perhaps with movie tickets for everyone).
Flashlight egg hunt Glow in the dark egg hunt! Switch the festivities to evening so that the kids can use flashlights. Put battery operated candles in each egg so they are fun and pretty to find.
Hansel and Gretel Make a trail for the kids to follow, leaving clues to help them solve a bigger mystery such as the location of a golden egg! Perhaps each egg they find has a secret message in it to the next clue.
Pirate adventure Give your kids eye patches and maps to follow to find their hidden Easter treasure with clues along the way such as paw prints and carrots to help them know they are on the right track. Perhaps the treasure is buried someplace? Fun work for mom!

Other ideas:
Bunny munny Don’t want to give a ton of sweets this year? Why not fill the eggs with bunny munny? Your kids can redeem their munny for real money, or maybe use real coins. Or, ditch the sugar and use healthier treats instead of candy such as nuts or dried fruit for some of the eggs.
Bunny yarn maze The Easter bunny gets busy tying different coloured yarns on each child’s bedpost. The yarn leads to an individualized Easter basket, but not without the child having to navigate a complicated maze of yarn wound over stair railings, doorknobs, through table legs and around toys.
Egg-citing puzzle Have your kiddos locate all of the puzzle pieces to find out what the grand prize is. Create the puzzle by writing a message on a large piece of paper. Divide the paper to look like puzzle pieces and hide a puzzle piece in an egg. Once the kids have found all of the pieces they can lay them out to solve the puzzle and find the big prize the Easter bunny left for them.


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