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Drive, don't fly - and save

You have fabulous locations in mind for your family trip. The problem? Airfare is the thing. The thing you can’t stomach, especially when you factor in tickets for the kiddos. Do you really need to break the bank or could there be another way? Consider driving. After all, it’s the journey, not the destination. You can miss a lot of beautiful, funky spots from an airplane. Among the possibilities:
California is known for its scenic routes. You could hop on a plane from San Francisco to LA, but think of what you'd be missing. Save the money on plane tickets and take a drive... you'll be happy you did, and not only in a financial way. If you are thinking about a scenic drive in California, you can't forget about the PCH.  This highway runs along the northern part of the California coast and offers some of the best views in the country. Spend as much or as little as time getting from one place to another on this famous scenic route. Consider taking a more inland scenic drive. Maybe you wouldn't be taking a flight from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree National Park, but maybe you'd also miss it altogether if you were forced to adhere to a flight path. Take this 89-mile drive on Highway 62 from Palm Springs to Yucca Valley and never regret it.  These are just a couple of the 5 most scenic drives in California.
The South The Blue Ridge Parkway is more than 400 miles of scenic beauty. See breathtaking views of mountains and rhododendron filled forests in North Carolina and Virginia. Plan budget friendly camping trips or stop in nearby towns for a break.  Though some may argue that Florida isn't truly the South, a ride through the Florida Keys will make you forget about arguing whether it is or not. Instead of flying from Miami to Key West, take the 160 mile "Highway that Goes to the Sea" road trip and pass through Key Largo, Marathon Key and others to get to Key West. You'll take the 7-mile bridge over the beautiful waters and stop on different keys. No hustling and bustling to make a crowded, expensive flight; go at your own pace.
The Northeast Route 100 will take you through Vermont, and if you go in the fall, the colors of the leaves will knock your socks off. You'll go through the historic town after historic town and get a real taste of New England life. Admire the White River, perhaps from the vantage of fly-fishing.
Your family may come out of it closer than ever, with memories to last a lifetime.
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