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The dryer sheet: your secret weapon

Clean chrome Remove water spots from chrome faucets.
Clean glass or (non plastic) glasses  - rub gently.
Eliminate static Wipe a dryer sheet over hair or clothing to eliminate dang static.
Get rid of musty book smell Place a dryer sheet between pages.
Keep garbage cans nice Recycle used dryer sheets by placing them at the bottom of a garbage can.
Odour eater Stash dryer sheets anywhere you want odours absorbed; this includes shoes.
Old school, but… Make a box of dryer sheets last four times as long by cutting sheets in half and using each twice.
Remove pet hair Wipe dryer sheets over anywhere pet hair accumulates.
Repel bugs Place anywhere you tend to see spider webs.
Scrub dirty pots Clean stubborn messes by placing a dryer sheet on the bottom of pots and soak in water overnight.


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Put dryer sheet in your pocket to repel wasps

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