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Secrets of French floral designers

Oh la la. Tightwad recently saw an episode of Barefoot Contessa where Ina visited a gorgeous floral shop in NYC. First of all, doesn't Barefoot Contessa have a fabulous life? Her house is gorgeous, her kitchen is gorgeous, her friends are all charming, her husband seems extremely lovely. Just everything about the show is gorgeous. So, Tightwad enjoys her shows and cookbooks. Her recipes are easy to follow and delicious. Thank you Ina! Anyway Ina was at a floral shop - Polux Fleuriste - in NYC where two Parisian trained florists showed her a few tricks of the trade. The design began with choosing a colour theme - white and green. Then choosing feature flowers - white peonies and roses, always in odd numbers. Green viburnum and rosemary and mint were added - great for colour and fragrance. Moving towards smaller flowers to add detail, filigree and texture, fringed tulips, fritillaria and scabiosa were added. The second designer created a hand tied bouquet from the combination. The result? Gorgeous!


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