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Kids' home art gallery!

A quick glance at Tightwad's ho hum, hurried and jumbled display of artwork says it all. Tightwad has been thinking for some time about making one of her walls a "real" feature gallery for her kids’ artwork. Over time these lovely doodles get filed under “stuff to sort out one day” (if they don't make the magnetic display board) instead of enjoying them and making them part of our everyday experience. Any Google search of kids art galley yields amazing ideas that people have to give these treasures pride of place - and gives Tightwad a failing grade in this important home decor element. Some quick research yielded a fantastic system of picturehangers - a company that provides unique hardware support for anything you would want to hang. The key for Tightwad is that this hardware makes the whole process easy to organize (and hang straight!).  It can evolve with us so we can change out older stuff for the most recent masterpieces.


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