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Finding the perfect, all inclusive vacation

Do any of these words sound good to you? Beach resort, luxury villa, spa vacations? Mix them up and they still sound good: luxury resort, beach villa, spa vacations. Coupled with the words Turks and Caicos, Brazil, Bahamas, the Caribbean? Just thinking about this leaves Tightwad wondering just how her family would be able to experience such a once in a lifetime, all inclusive vacation experience. A quick search of the Club Med website shows that they offer last minute and summer deals, including air-inclusive specials. Some vacations offer children’s programming but Tightwad doesn’t think – as she imagines all this amazing family fun – that we would actually have time to partake in the children’s programming when we are cramming the day with snorkeling, kayaking, beach combing, gourmet meals, tennis and downtime. They are offering $119/per person per night in July and August in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. Of course, this is just the “beach” vacation. If you are interested in golf, skiing, spa, and wedding themed vacations – not to mention where in the world you want to go - there is so much else to explore! The burden? You have to figure out your “vacation style” first. Save 40% off on an all-inclusive to Asia and the Indian Ocean if you go online today.


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