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Save money with online education

As any student or parent knows, getting a college education in Canada can be expensive. One of the greatest benefits of online education is the chance for students to save money in several ways. While the tuition fees for online courses are generally comparable to on campus courses, studying from home is a great way to limit discretionary spending.
Food As every student knows, what you spend on food can "eat up" a lot of your budget! While many students have every intention of packing lunch or eating at home to avoid paying for meals on campus, the reality is that many are just too busy or rushed to follow through long term. When you're running late, picking up a sandwich can seem a lot more convenient than packing a lunch before leaving for class. When you're studying at home, you're able to put down your textbook or walk away from your computer to make your own lunch. Each meal eaten at home instead of at school could save you $5 to $10!
Transportation For students who have to commute to school, transportation can be a huge cost. The average costs of bus passes, gas, and parking spaces are only moving in one direction: up! Studying at home can save you anywhere from $60 to $100 per month on a student bus pass, or over $100 per month for a parking spot!
The little things These days it's almost impossible to leave your house without being offered something to buy. Fancy coffees, clothes and trinkets are just some of the "impulse buys" that students have to resist on a daily basis. Spending a dollar or two on something might not seem like a big deal, but these numbers add up quickly over the course of a semester!
Flexibility Although it's not an expense, the lack of flexibility of traditional on-campus learning experiences can also cost you money. Studying online usually means that you control when you are doing schoolwork instead of having to follow a class schedule. This flexibilty means that many students can work part-time while they are taking classes, which can help pay tuition and keep their student debt under control.
While online learning is not for everyone, if you are able to stay on track and learn independently it can be a great opportunity to save money while still furthering your education. Getting started in a great career is easier than ever with online education!
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