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Making the grade on college expenses


Tuition is expensive – and so are all the other costs. Whether you are a student paying your own way or a parent helping your child get the best education, here are some tips to save.
Rent books Don’t stand in long lines at the college bookstore hoping to get the last used copy of your most expensive textbook for the semester. Find textbooks for rent in online bookstores. Many of them come as an e-book, readily available on your device as soon as you request them.
Trade in the car for a bike Instead of paying semester parking fees choose a cheaper and healthier mode of transportation. Bike it! Other options: see about transit passes and find out if there is a shuttle for cold and rainy weather. Even if you live too far away to walk or bike, you can check into carpooling and share the cost of parking.
Shop wisely for the dorm room It's amazing how expensive it can be to furnish a tiny space like a dorm room. Bring stuff from home and start shopping early for deals and discounts. Wait until after you have moved in and share resources with a roommate, such as the cost of a mini fridge.  
Go basic Choose the economically in terms of supplies, and buy what you actually need. You may even want to wait until classes have started to figure out what you'll use. While things like notebooks and highlighters may be considered standard, other supplies may not be as useful.
Skip the meal plan If you are staying in the dorm, you may have no other option than to use the meal plan offered by the college. However if you live off campus brown-bag it to class; carry snacks and stock up on frozen meals that are on sale.
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