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Pan bagnat... that's right: pan bagnat

Tightwad hadn't heard of it either until she saw it on a Gordon Ramsay show but quick research yields a Wikipedia entry on this robust sandwich, which should be a must-do, must-have in everyone's picnic basket. Perhaps the fine people of Nice, France were tired of carting salad around and decided to take the bull by the horns and convert it to a more convenient sandwich format - who knows - but that is essentially what the pan-bagnat is - the classic Salad Nicoise between bread. 

You need: a circular loaf of bread, tuna, radishes, tomatoes, olives, green pepper, red onion, hard boiled egg, anchovies, Dijon (mais oui!), red wine vinegar and olive oil. Click here for a recipe

Perfect paired with une bouteille du vin en plein aire. Bon appetit!


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