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Value entertainment with online bingo

Bingo has long been a good value form of entertainment and that’s probably why it so quickly gained popularity when it was patented back in the 1930s by an American entrepreneur called Edwin S Lowe. Today, most players now choose to play bingo online and one of the overriding reasons for choosing to play bingo above other games online is that it’s still great value. The stakes to play bingo have always been low, and now the game is online, that hasn’t changed. In fact, sometimes it’s even better value as most sites like Costa offer free bingo games as well as the pay-for games. You might wonder what the point of free bingo games is, but even though they cost nothing to play, they still have cash prizes to play for. Register to play bingo at and when you’ve made your first deposit, you’ll be entitled to join in all the free games on the schedule. These run round the clock and with jackpots of up to £50, it’s silly not to join in and see if you can win. And every week there’s the Friday night freebie – Costa Crazy – where the guaranteed jackpot is a whopping £10,000.

It’s not just the free bingo that represents good value though. Most bingo sites will offer a welcome bonus to every new player that registers and opens an account. The welcome bonus is usually a 100% match or a 200% bonus of what the player puts in – up to a certain limit, of course. This means that your bingo fund will stretch even further. With pay-for games starting at only a few pennies per card, even if you put a really small amount of cash in to open a bingo account, you can get a lot of entertainment out of it – and you may just hit the jackpot, of course.

At Costa, the bonuses don’t stop with the welcome bonus. Every re-deposit will earn you an extra 50% bonus, so if you top up your account with £10, you’ll get another £5 for free. And there are always plenty of other promotions to take advantage of; keep an eye on the promotions tab to see what’s up for grabs each time you login.

It’s not just the monetary value that attracts so many people to online bingo. There’s the entertainment value too. Of course, you get the chance to play for great cash prizes each time you play, but you also get to meet other players while you’re online. Bingo chat rooms are always buzzing – with players who are all there to have fun and play the games, but like you, they enjoy socialising too.

If you’re looking for great entertainment and some company at the same time, you can’t beat a game of bingo online!


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