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Skinny mac and cheese

Tightwad has yet to meet anyone who will answer to "it's mac and cheese for dinner" with a lack lustre response. It's more like a stampede to the closest dining chair. But, as everyone knows, along with great taste, mac and cheese can pack a punch to your waistline. With the average serving of homemade mac and cheese topping 500 calories - at least - consider reducing the calorie count (not to mention grams of fat) with a few simple modifications. Here are some tips so you can have your mac, and eat it too:
- Substitute pureed parboiled cauliflower for some of the cheese (this is Tightwad's fav tip)
- Use a different, lower fat cheese such as Colby, mozzarella or Monterey Jack
- Replace cream with skim milk and chicken broth
- Add in flavour with sauteed white or green onion, roasted garlic, mushrooms and/or parsley 
- Use wheat wheat instead of white noodles  
Here's a good reduced fat mac recipe from Skinny Kitchen.
For a mac 'n' cheese recipe book beyond your wildest dreams, see Mac 365.


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