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More bang for your SUV buck

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have long since been a popular choice for just about everyone. SUVs have a variety of benefits, whether you're single or married with a family. Unfortunately, they are also synonymous with being expensive and having low gas mileage, which in this economy, can be difficult. If you still want to buy an SUV, the following information can be useful.
Current price trends While SUVs are still generally higher than most cars and trucks, there is more of a variety. This means an over-sized, luxury SUV might be twice the price of your car, but there are also moderately priced and smaller, compact SUVs the same price as compact cars. This gives you more of a selection, letting you choose from a variety of vehicles with different price ranges. The prices for many SUVs are also going down because they are less popular, making more of a demand for selling them at dealerships.
Timing Look for a certain time of the year when dealerships aren't selling as many vehicles. This is when they have big discounts on their SUVs and often lower their interest rates as well.  In general, the end of the year around the holidays is the best time to buy an SUV. This is the least common time to buy vehicles, since families are busy buying gifts. You could also visit the dealership during the end of the model year for the SUV you want, or near the end of the quarter.
Least expensive SUVs Another way to save on buying your new or used SUV, is by focusing on the SUVs that tend to be less expensive. They tend to be on the lower side, and are moderately sized to fit just about anyone's needs and requirements.
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