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Finding affordable music lessons

Children who take music lessons tend to also excel in other areas, especially academic. Music adds to the character of children and gives them an artistic outlet and can become something to identify with. But… music lessons can be pricey. How do you find the most affordable way to get your child the music lessons you want? Here are some tips:
Find an independent instructor If you get lessons at a music store, you are paying the instructor and the storeowner. Find an independent instructor who has their own studio, teaches out of their home or comes to you. The benefit of one coming to your home is you can do your own thing during the lesson.
Check references or have a strong recommendation from someone you trust that the teacher is reputable.  
See what instructors are charging in your area Find this with a quick Internet search. Credentials matter, too. A student or someone fresh out of college may charge less than a person with a PhD in music or who has years of experience, both teaching and playing. But that doesn't mean a student or newer teacher won't be able to offer just as much.
Ask around Find listings on your local high school or college websites of private music teachers or give the high school band or orchestra teacher a call and see if they can recommend anyone - a colleague, past or present student, themselves.
Timing is important Some teachers charge either by the half hour or the hour. See what time frame and cost works best for you. Sometimes teachers will actually charge less per minute for the hour than the half hour.
Instruments - buy or rent? Craigslist. Lots of kids took up an instrument for a short time and the parents want to recoup some of their expense. Music schools and colleges sometimes have sales on instruments. Pianos are a big one for this; sometimes you just have to pay the moving cost because people want them out of their space.
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