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Dive into pool savings

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a dream of many homeowners, but it can cost a bundle to have it installed. You can save if you pay attention to your budget and have it installed during the off-season.
Consider an above ground pool Shop around for different above ground pools to determine if this would be a better option for you. An additional benefit to an above ground pool is that it can be moved if you need to relocate.
Increase your home's worth If you will be moving in the future, you may get more for your house if you have an in-ground pool. It is not just something to enjoy with your family and friends, but a sound investment.
Pool placement If you have a large expansion of lawn in your background, that location is ideal because the lawn is pulled before installing it. However, if you will need to remove rock or concrete for the in-ground swimming pool, you can be doubling or tripling your costs.
Install in the fall or winter Most homeowners want to have their swimming pool in by the summer months, so they get their pool installed in the spring or early summer. By getting the pool installed in the latter part of the year the pool installation companies either a) charge less or b) are willing to spend more on it.  
DIY If there is anything you can handle on your own in terms of getting the project done, by all means do it.  Every small project you can handle on your own helps to save toward the overall costs of installing the swimming pool.
Get a discount package When you start shopping around for pool contractors, find out if they have a discount package. Many will offer a pool package where they provide all materials and installation for a discount if you get all of their services in one package. This may include adding a pool cleaning service, chemicals and cleaning supplies.
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