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Bonus time for New Jersey gamblers!

Online gambling has finally arrived in the USA – in New Jersey to be specific. And whilst this was already legal in Nevada and Delaware – the fact that you have to both live in the state and be in the state at the same time you gamble online renders these states relatively meaningless due to their small populations.
This isn’t the case, obviously in New Jersey with a population of around nine million making it the U.S.’s 11th most populous state behind California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois and a few others.
“So what’s all this got to do with saving a little cash?” - you may well be asking.
Well – it’s not so much about saving money as getting free money. You see; the rest of the developed world, in the main, has been used to gambling in online casinos since the dawn of the web. In fact, this is an enormous multi-million dollar business all around the world. In the UK alone, for example the online gambling market is worth approximately $2 billion each year. So you can see why it is that the casino providers are so keen to secure our business.
To say this world is a competitive one is to flirt with understatement. The online casino providers know that once we start playing, the games are such fun that our tendency is to continue. Anyone who has ever visited the casinos of Las Vegas or Atlantic City will know exactly what we’re talking about here. But they’ll also probably know (unless they’ve been particularly lucky…) that a casino’s odds are always stacked in the house’s favor. And no matter how small that margin is; the margin is the margin and the house’s edge is close to a religion!
So it is with online casinos and hence the mad scramble for our business. What this means in practice is the providers are absolutely determined to win our business and, to do so, they give is free cash. And this is exactly where we come in.
The legalization of online casinos in New Jersey is great news for the residents of that great state as the providers competing against one another are already offering us free sign-up bonus cash. The different New Jersey online casino choices already number 13 and this will surely grow as time progresses.
In fact, the whole online gambling business will surely only grow from here as the U.S. plays catch-up with the rest of the world. And as with most things, the U.S. does it bigger and better once it eventually gets going – and so will the free bonus cash on offer. And this is probably the only way you can get the edge on the house – for the first few games depending on just how generous the bonuses come.
So for the smart and savvy players amongst us – we can stack the odds in our favor for a while at least. But for the time being, we have to be in Jersey!


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