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Take off for less

If you want to get from A to B quickly air travel is the way to go – but it’s an expensive way to travel. How can you get the best deals when it seems as if everyone advertises they have the lowest prices? It can be hard to know if you're getting a deal or ripped off. Some of the advice that you find for travel can actually lead you in the wrong direction when it comes to getting the best deals. This industry isn't like others – specials can come at any time and be dirt-cheap when you least expect it.
Travel sites Choosing a travel site can be tricky. Look for one that is easy to navigate and understand. The more complicated the process to get a cheap ticket – the less likely you'll want to keep using it.  Be wary of less well-known sites, as you can end up losing your credit card information. Stick with well-known sites like Travelocity and Expedia. These top sites often have the best deals because they partner with certain airlines and have more traffic than some of the smaller sites.  
Social media One secret is that following airlines on their social media accounts can save you money.  Airlines will often post last minute deals when there are empty seats on their flights. Airlines don't like to have empty seats and even selling them at a huge discount will help them turn a profit. Social media deals might be sent through Twitter as a fast flash deal to the first few takers or placed on Facebook for a set number of followers.
Buying tricks Buying tickets early can set the lowest price in stone for early birds. While buying early can get you in the savings zone, buying early on a certain day can bring more savings. According to some travel sites, airlines release their newest deals on Monday and Tuesday. Traveling at the end of the week might just cost your more – so buy tickets for the beginning of the week to avoid those weekend cost increases. If you use credit cards for travel, check with your credit card company concerning their policy on airline miles.  Some companies have cards that are dedicated to offering your travel miles for every purchase. These miles can be cashed in for free flights, saving you even more. Remember not all card companies have miles programs that are created equal, so before you cash the miles in be sure that you are traveling on the best days of the week. It is good to combine them with other travel offers you already have for the cheapest trip possible.
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