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Save on office supplies

From printer paper to highlighters, stocking your small business with office supplies can really add up. Cut costs without coming up short in the supply room. Here are some tips:
Buy wholesale and bulk Buying office products wholesale, direct from the manufacturer, translates to savings, so skip the box stores and go straight to the source. Likewise, whether it's direct from the supplier or through an office supply store, buying in bulk always results in discounts. Think long-term and buy for the quarter or annually instead of month-to-month.
Order online Buying office products online means savings in time and labour costs. Shipping is often free! In addition, setting up a small business account with an online office supply companies will also result in purchase-to-purchase savings. In other words, an online account will streamline the ordering process because the office supply company will already have your purchase and payment history.
Think generic Just because products aren't name brand doesn't mean it won't do the job - toner cartridges are a good thing to buy in generic form.
Buy what you need Save money with  two office supply lists: a monthly one and a quarterly or annual one. The monthly list should contain things your business burns through quickly like paper and ink cartridges; longer-term lists should include supplies like pens and folders. 
Go paperless Regardless of size, a large portion of office budgets go toward paper and printing supplies. Go as paperless as possible. By turning announcements,  inner-office mail and outbound mail into emails or social media memos your office will save bundles on paper as well as ever-costly printer ink, envelopes and postage.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on topics including personal health, finding the best accounting software, and small business.


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