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Pulling your look together... for less

Tightwad used to be fairly glam... but two kids, domestic goddess challenges and out of the home responsibilities don't leave her too much time to knock her look out of the park very often - but then she is also guilty of excuses. Here are some tips to help add a little bling to your duds that won't break the bank or challenge the clock:
70/30 An ideal ratio for looking put together: 70% nicer clothing and accessories with 30% less expensive supporting garments. Trade in cheap buttons for nicer ones or hide a logo with a nice brooch. 
Look in the mirror once in a while Are you wearing a mom outfit? Go back and change! Qualifying garments: yoga pants, misshapen T's, scrunchies, sweats, cheap jeans, runners. 
Layer it up Stylist use this simple trick to make looks more polished, textured and interesting. Add a tank with a blouse, or blazer over a cardigan. 
Ditch gross clothes Stained shirts, frayed hems and faded fabrics don't look good. Toss 'em. 
Just one more thing Before leaving the house, add a bangle or hair clip to push it all up a notch. 
Don't waste money on fakes No one is fooled by your wannabe LV. 
Hair and shoes are the secret Get a decent cut and invest in some nice flats and you will look great.
Stay classic Riding boots, ballet flats, pearls and cardigans are super nice! Baggy sweats with words across the rear are not. 
Glam up Even a hoodie can be glammed up for school drop off with a little lipstick. 


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